Macに初めから付属している qlmanage コマンドを使います。


qlmanage -t -s 512 -o ./output_dir target.svg

参考: Macのクイックルックでファイルを表示する/編集する


Usage: qlmanage [OPTIONS] path...
	-h		Display this help
	-r		Force reloading Generators list
	-r cache	Reset thumbnail disk cache
	-m [name ...]	Display statistics about quicklookd. Stats names:
			* plugins	Show the generators list
			* server	Show quicklookd life information
			* memory	Show quicklookd memory consumption
			* burst		Show statistics about the last burst
			* threads	Show concurrent accesses stats
			* other		Show other information about quicklookd
	-p		Compute previews of the documents
	-t		Compute thumbnails of the documents
	-x		Use quicklookd (remote computation)
	-i		Compute thumbnail in icon mode
	-s size		Size for the thumbnail
	-f factor	Scale factor for the thumbnail
	-F factor	Scale factor for the thumbnail, draw downscaled and compare to 1x
	-z		Display generation performance info (don't display thumbnails)
	-o dir		Output result in dir (don't display thumbnails or previews)
	-c contentType	Force the content type used for the documents
	-g generator	Force the generator to use


qlmanage(1)                    General Commands Manual                   qlmanage(1)

     qlmanage – Quick Look Server debug and management tool

     qlmanage -r

     qlmanage -m [name ...]

     qlmanage -t [-x] [-i] [-s size] [-f factor] [-c contentTypeUTI [-g generator]]
              [file ...]

     qlmanage -p [-x] [-c contentTypeUTI [-g generator]] [file ...]

     qlmanage -h

     qlmanage allows you to test your Quick Look generators and manage Quick Look

     The following usages are available:

     1.       qlmanage -r resets Quick Look Server and all Quick Look client's
              generator cache.

     2.       qlmanage -m gets all sort of information on Quick Look server
              including the list of detected generators.

     3.       qlmanage -t displays the Quick Look generated thumbnails (if
              available) for the specified files.

     4.       qlmanage -p displays the Quick Look generated previews for the
              specified files.

     5.       qlmanage -h displays extensive help.

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